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A resource to help shed light on your next project!

If there were a way we could get this brochure in to every architect's hands, we would. Writing a blog post about it is our next best shot! This brochure is a great resource for everyone in the industry but I think is particularly helpful during the design phase of a project so you can get an idea of all the different products Kingspan Light + Air offers.

KLA Daylighting Systems + Natural Ventilation Solutions
Download • 10.26MB

Kingspan Light + Air created this brochure showing and explaining their expansive lineup of daylighting and natural ventilation solutions. It clearly explains each product and has great photo examples. This brochure also dives into Specialty Configurations as well as Custom Colors, Accessories + Graphics. In an effort to follow KLA's example in being Planet Passionate, we are doing our part by spreading the word about this guide electronically. It is concise, informative, and a great resource! We are obviously very excited about this and would love for you to check it out! Click the link above to download it.

As always, if you have any questions or we can assist on a project - please get in touch! We're here to help.

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