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What's the point of a material distributor?

Before I started working here, I truthfully did not understand the point of a material distributor. Now I do. We are your local contact who can offer immediate help for our area. All our employees all live and work in office in the areas we serve. These hospitals, schools, libraries, police stations, etc. that we work on are ones in our own communities. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain just what Collier Building Specialties does. I am going to introduce you to our teams and share what our process is and why there definitely is a point to having a material distributor. We have a sales team, a project management team, and an administration team.

Your first interaction will likely be with our sales teams. This team can assist at any stage during the process. They offer consulting and educational services including AIA accredited lunch presentations either virtually or in-person. If you are in the design phase, we offer assistance with project development. We love when we are able to be involved from beginning to end, from being specified in design to helping execute a successful installation. A unique thing about our company is that we are the Northern California and Western Nevada distributor for all Kingspan Light + Air(KLA) products. As we covered in previous posts, KLA acquired many daylighting industry leaders. At Collier Building Specialties, the sales team are experts on the various products KLA offers. If you have a very specific question we don't know the answer to we also have direct contacts at KLA to get the answer quickly and efficiently. You can rest assure that our sales team is able to offer you the BEST option for your project. In our nearly 60 years of experience, we have worked with different manufacturers and our sales team is able to offer their expertise on how products compare to one another.

Once you decide you want to work with us, you will work closely with our project management team. We can provide samples, answer questions regarding the install, provide submittals, and so on. If we are providing the material, our team will coordinate a successful delivery. A lot can go in to this process depending on the project location and accessibility for our delivery drivers, available delivery hours, weather conditions at the job site as well as on the delivery route, and much more. Our project management team handles all of these logistics to ensure a seamless delivery. If we are all providing installation services, we coordinate scheduling with the job site and our installation crew. The project management team oversees that everything is done efficiently and properly.

Our administrative team is involved throughout the entire process with both of those teams. When the project is blossoming, we provide customers any necessary information to get us in their system like completing pre-qualification forms or providing proof of being a San Francisco LBE and SBE. This team is also the go to when the project gets the green light. We execute contracts, provide supporting documents like insurance and IIPPs, handle all accounting needs such as invoicing and lien releases, and provide payroll and accompanying documentations. Then when the project is finishing up, we provide the close-out documents like installation warranties, manufacturer warranties, and maintenance and care instructions.

The beauty of our business in particular is that we are a small and efficient team. If you need anything, you can reach out to any one of us and we will be able to help you since we all collaborate with one another. You can call our office and talk to a real person. The person you speak to will know exactly what project you are talking about. Alternatively, let's say your contact is the salesperson you placed your order with but you have an accounting question... that sales person walks over to our accountant's desk and gets you the answer you need. It is truly that simple. That is why there's a point to working with a material distributor.

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