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How to maximize natural light as days grow shorter

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 5, 2023. Even with that coming to an end, this fall and holiday season can still be merry and bright with these daylighting solutions. As fall settles in and the days grow shorter, the importance of natural light becomes even more pronounced. Well-chosen skylights can transform these spaces, creating a brighter, more inviting atmosphere for employees and customers alike. Skylights are a great way to get the benefits of natural light inside your home or business, but today we are going to highlight the Solatube Tubular Daylighting System in particular. Solatube offers several perks perfectly suited for your home or business during this transitional season.

How does Solatube work?

To put it simply: a dome on the roof captures the sun rays (and the moon light!). That light is transferred downward using the world’s most reflective tubing. When the light reaches the interior, it is delivered evenly using diffusers and/or decorative fixtures.

What happens after sundown or on foggy, winter days?

The light output is relative to the light input meaning you will notice the difference between a clear, sunny day and a heavily overcast day. To combat this, Solatube offers a couple different options to offer a consistent diffusion pattern regardless of the light intensity.

One option is the Solatube Smart LED System. This system combines daylighting and LED technology to seamlessly transition from daylight to night lighting or to supplement at times when sunlight is insufficient. The system monitors daylight levels and allows the LEDs to activate automatically when needed.

When it comes to snow, I was surprised to learn that if the roof is covered with snow, it can actually INCREASE light output as the white snow makes the roof more reflective. If the dome itself is covered with snow, the light output will be reduced but can be compensated by using one of the systems above.

So logistically speaking, Solatube is a great option to get all the benefits of the hours of daylight we will have this fall and be able to transition to dark skies easily. Whether it is in your home or at your business, here are a few reasons why you should consider Solatube for your next project:

1. Cost-Effective Lighting Solution: As the daylight hours decrease, we often rely more on artificial lighting, leading to increased energy costs. Solatube Tubular Daylighting Systems dramatically reduce the need for artificial lighting by capturing and delivering natural daylight deep into your space. This not only saves on electricity bills but also contributes to your overall sustainability efforts.

2. Enhanced Productivity and Well-Being: Natural light has been proven to boost productivity and employee well-being. By providing a consistent source of natural daylight, Solatube systems create a more comfortable and enjoyable working environment. This boost in morale and productivity is particularly valuable during fall when shorter days can sometimes lead to a dip in energy levels.

3. Brighter Retail Spaces: For retail businesses, the right ambiance is crucial to attract customers. Solatube Tubular Daylighting Systems create a vibrant and well-lit atmosphere, making products more appealing and enticing to potential buyers. The system enhances the visual aesthetics of your merchandise, helping you make a lasting impression on shoppers.

4. Flexibility in Design: Solatube systems can be integrated seamlessly into homes and various commercial spaces, from retail stores to offices and restaurants. The flexibility in design allows businesses to strategically place the daylighting systems where they are needed most, ensuring optimal illumination in specific areas of your establishment.

5. Consistent Lighting Quality: Solatube Tubular Daylighting Systems deliver consistent, high-quality natural light regardless of weather conditions outside. Even on cloudy or overcast fall days, your commercial space will benefit from bright, diffused daylight, creating a pleasant atmosphere for both employees and customers.

During fall, when the world outside might be draped in muted tones, well-designed interior lighting can add a touch of drama and sophistication to your space, making it memorable for visitors. Investing in a Solatube Tubular Daylighting System for your home or business is not just a practical decision; it's a strategic one. By providing energy-efficient, consistent, and visually appealing natural light, Solatube systems create an inviting ambiance that can enhance your business operations, improve customer experience, and contribute to your overall success.

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