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Why Is A Building Material Supply Company Blogging?

When Collier Building Specialties started in 1966, the construction industry as a whole looked a lot different and so did our company! Many more phone calls were had, site visits done, hand-written letters sent off to the post. Our offices had workbenches for us to spread out the blueprints and we would sift through to find the roof plans. We would fax our bids in to general contractors. Contracts would come in by mail and typewriters and carbon paper were used to execute and send them back. Even just reflecting on the last decade of the industry, it has changed so much.

So… Why Is A Building Material Supply Company Blogging? The simple answer is: the internet age loves this stuff. If we want to show up on search engines, we have to evolve with the times. I get that it seems a little silly. What could I possibly have to say that you haven't heard before?! Well, let’s face it: we aren’t all seasoned professionals with decades of experience who know everything. Some of us may have grown up with family members in the industry, or we may have gone to trade school or college to learn about it, or some of us may have just found ourselves here! Whatever path it took to get you here, I think we could all benefit from the industry being a bit more welcoming and less intimidating. The main goal for this blog is to share what I learn as I grow in the construction industry and help make it make sense to people like me.

The fact of the matter is that there are logistical benefits to having a blog which is the driving force behind getting started. Some of the ways we plan to use this blog are:

  • Educating Customers

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

  • Engaging with the Community

  • Showcasing Products

  • Promoting Sustainability

  • Inspiring Projects

  • Self-Promotion

I hope this blog will help you get to know our company and I hope it can help make the industry more accessible to people of all experience levels.

Check back next week for our post breaking down the re-branding of Kingspan Light+Air , which includes Solatube and the companies previously known as Major Industries, CPI Daylighting, and Bristolite.

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